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I originally created the domain to be a website portal for Australians who wanted to meet to do various activities that their friends might not want to do (skydiving, scrapbooking, coffee, movies, race-driving, etc), but I hit a programming snag (I'm not a programmer) and after wasting many months trying to learn what I needed to learn, I gave up on the idea and started many other projects.

Over 5 Million searches for "activities" in Google Search per month, and over 1 Million for "activity", see Google Keyword search for the traffic potential to this domain name!

The potential earnings for an online event site is fantastic - before getting into this, I did a business blueprint and chose the domain name to match the keywords typed into google to take advantage of the search engine's free traffic.

You can charge for Membership for users after a 'free' trial period, or from advertising from the different vendors. I'm very passionate about this subject and wish I would've got the project going, just don't have the $ right now to afford the programmers or the time to dedicate to the programming skills.

Willing to discuss in more detail to serious buyers who are just as passionate about the idea as I am.

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